Individual Psychological Treatment

Individuals may self refer to treatment.

No referral (Mental Health Care Plan) is required to access treatment from Melbourne Affordable Psychology.

Treatment consists of one on one sessions either face to face or via online teleconference or phone.

We have no limitations on who can access our services.

See our fees page for more details on the costs

Psychological Assessment- not currently offered

We offer a wide range of psychological assessment, including Intellectual assessment, memory and personality assessment as well as vocational assessment. Please see below for more information on the variety of assessments we offer

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children is a comprehensive measure of a child's intellectual ability. The assessment involves a powerful set of 16 optional process-oriented subtests that assess different facets of intelligence.

Test age range: 6 -16 years
Cost: $350.00

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is a comprehensive measure of an adult's intellectual ability that includes a full-scale IQ score in addition to index scores that measure different facets of intelligence.

Test age range: 16 - 89 years
Cost: $350.00

Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS)

The Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) is a comprehensive measure of adult memory functioning and assessed both auditory and visual memory. The results of a memory assessment help an individual develop effective strategies to retain information to aid future learning processes. Research into the WMS has found the psychological assessment tool to be valid and reliable. The results from the test can also be used to provide further insight into an individual's performance on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

Test age range: 16 - 89 years
Cost: $350.00

Vocational Assessment- not currently offered

Our vocational assessments includes the following assessments as well as two individual sessions with your psychologist.

Self-Directed Search

Based on John Holland’s RIASEC theory, this is a career assessment and exploration tool that matches individual’s aspirations, activities, and talents to the career choices and educational opportunities that fit best for that person.

Career Drivers Assessment

This assessment measures eleven Career Drivers — motivational engines for power in your career choices and in your everyday work. The closer the work you do matches your top Career Drivers, the more opportunity you have for success by any measure. The more distant the work you do every day is from the description of your Drivers, the more dissatisfaction, unrest and stress you are likely to experience in your work life.

NEO Personality Inventory

A personality inventory that examines a person's Big Five personality traits (openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism). It provides a systematic assessment of emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles.

Test age range: +16 years
Cost: $250.00